Kovalam Beach

From the tip of India we ventured north to Kovalam Beach in the state of Kerala. Have you ever dreamed of having a tropical beach to yourself? When I arrived at Kovalam Beach in the mid-seventies, that’s exactly what I found. Tourists began flocking to Goa, but Kerala was still under the radar. There was one empty resort on the southern point, and beyond stretched a deserted beach. The surf thumped and sizzled over the sand enticing me into the pristine sea that I shared with no one but my children. 

Typical Kerala house. Photo courtesy: Shagil Kannur, Wikimedia Commons. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Traditional_kerala_house.jpg

And Kerala was definitely different from any other Indian state I’d travelled to—everything seemed to be maintained to a better standard. There was not one scrap of trash on the beach. I peered into people’s yards to find around their simple houses the bare earth had been swept clear of leaves. They had tropical fruit trees and coconut palms surrounding their houses that gave the impression they never had to buy food from the markets. Nor do I remember crowds. In fact, this was the state (and still is) that impressed me the most.

Featured image courtesy J.M. Bryant, Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Having a tropical beach to yourself sounds like a dream. Glad you got to experience it back then. It must be a different place know with many more people. It would be lovely to have tropical trees serving you coconuts and bananas in your backyard. Although here in Australia there are many beautiful beaches, don’t think this kind of set livelihood set up can be achieved here.

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  2. We were in Kerala a couple of years ago. Your beach is now quite well known and a busy tourist spot but is still lovely. It wasn’t as bad as some for garbage on the streets but it certainly wasn’t the cleanest state in India. We loved it in Kerala too.

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    1. This is the sad reality everywhere because there’s just too many of us. I learned after Bali never to return to a place I’ve visited years before—just travel to new destinations.

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