I was dazzled by Cochin.  Lush green coconut palms fringed waterways. It was hard to escape the sea and Chinese fishing nets that swish into the waters. 

Chinese fishing nets, Cochin. Photo courtesy Rhaessner, Wikimedia Commons.

Unfortunately, during our stay, my daughters contracted malaria. Because I was familiar with the disease since they’d had it before, we were on to the problem instantly and they recovered quickly. Within twenty-four hours we were then able to take a boat cruise and visited the St Francis Church, Fort Kochi, where Vasco da Gama was originally buried. 

While Cochin was a relaxing location, the food was another matter. I ventured into a restaurant looking forward to the local seafood and ordered a prawn curry. At that time, I was someone who ate raw chillies with an already spicy curry, but in Kerala the dish was even too hot for me. Just as well I was still lugging that portable electric cooker as my girls wouldn’t have had anything to eat.

Featured image courtesy Ziegler175, Wilimedia Commons