The trouble with India

When I first arrived in India, there were aspects that drove me to the end of my tether—the crowds and the music. I’m not referring to the Ravi Shanka sita, bita genre, but the Bolly, Kolly kind that belted out of radios at top volume with those high pitched female squealers. They were enough to drive me to toddy.

My go-to South Indian cook books (one looking shabby after a lot of use)

But the country grew on me, and the trouble with India was when I left and arrived in Thailand—a country I had dreamed of visiting for years, it appeared a shade less exciting, the food less spicy, the people less open and colourful.

Uppuma—a favourite with my children when they were young.

There are aspects of India I still cling to. Those high-pitched squealers are now my favourite singers. Indian musical instruments (especially the shehnai and the sarangi) are what I like to listen to most. Indian food is still high on my list of must eats. But I’ve since overcome this “trouble” and relish any country I am lucky enough to visit.

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  1. You know India expands a human from within. To the edges. The extreme of everything if one can immerse onself into and you absolutely have. Its wondrous anyways to be here looking at this epic image which is lost to the time now. Thank you for sharing Maallee.

    Narayan x

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