Kuantan and the South China Sea

Moving south to Kuala Lumpur, we only spent a day in this exciting city. I liked the mix of Chinese, Malay and South Indian culture in a modern Asian city, but we were headed east through row upon row of rubber trees to the coast. At a beach resort a few kilometres out of Kuantan we had our first swim in the South China Sea. 

Back on the west coast we visited Melaka before landing in Singapore.

Our final destination was on the horizon after a five month journey from our African home. 

Brisbane, our final destination (or so I thought)

I tried to prepare my daughters for a slower, less stimulating pace of life that awaited. They told me they didn’t want to go to Australia. They wanted to stay in Malaysia. Since Thailand, they had loved travelling from place to place because they didn’t suffer from attention overload as they had in India. Malaysia was friendly, yet not over the top. 

How would they cope in our new home? But there was no need for concern because children are adaptable. It’s the adults who find it harder.

Featured image courtesy of Yousha Bin Younus, Wikimedia Commons