Uncovering my city

Like many people during these difficult times, I’ve been exploring my city from walking the streets in my neighbourhood to hiking places I’ve never been before. If you live on B.C.’s west coast it’s not news that shorter day light hours, cooler temperatures, and constant rain wear down your enthusiasm to be outdoors. As a safe guard, I’ve encouraged a friend to join me once a week to keep me motivated, and we’ve agreed rain or shine, we’ll hike.

Como Lake, Coquitlam

Our first walk was only a twenty-minute drive from my part of the city through Mundy Park (featured image), a beautiful forest in the middle of Coquitlam that I had never visited. Various trails led around and across the park and at its centre was Mundy Lake. Leaves had been falling for weeks, but with the protection of the forest, the trees skirting the lake hadn’t lost their foliage.

Another hiking jaunt was to Como Lake. I hadn’t been near this lake in years, but it was clear that due to the excessive amount of rain over the last month, it was on the verge of overflowing.

A cute surprise on my hike to the Eagle Mountain Reserve yesterday

I hike almost every day. It’s a way to rejuvenate my energy and clear my mind. It’s also when I come up with ideas for the next chapter I’ll write in the coming days.

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