We took a grueling nine-hour train journey to Probolinggo, seven of which were without a seat. We sat on our backpacks near a door willing the hours to pass. When we did arrive in the small town, it was after dark.

A common greeting sign all over Java. Photo courtesy of Sugengwidodo of Wikimedia Commons.

I can still picture the spacious hotel room with its tiled floor. Every morning we breakfasted on the patio enclosed by greenery. We roamed the shops as my daughter had an eye on a guitar. She had explored many fads—Indian dance, jazz ballet, then tap dancing. I discovered when she spotted the guitar, this would be her next foray.

We took a quick bus ride from Probolinggo to the beach only twenty kilometres away where a narrow sandy beach stretched before us. We explored the streets of this relaxing town before we took a day trip to Surabaya.

Featured image courtesy of Mujionomaruf, Wikimedia Commons