Return to Bali

From Probolinggo, we took a scenic bus ride east, ferried across to Bali and down the coast to Denpasar before we arrived at Sanur Beach after dark—our last stop where we’d stay for ten days. I caught the dreaded Bali belly and while I ran between the bed and the bathroom, my daughter ordered prawn cocktails and swam in the hotel pool. 

Balinese ceremony, Kuta Beach

After I recovered, Halal Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut lit up my daughter’s eyes because she was tired of nasi gorang and gado gado while I wanted to savour the last of these delights before our trip ended.

I was keen to revisit Kuta Beach decades since my first encounter and soon discovered ubiquitous Australians dominated the scene. Even Balinese woman had changed. They’d been petite, beautiful women. I’d felt like a giant compared to them on my first visit. This time round, many were no longer those slim women. Perhaps they too  frequented fastfood chains like my daughter wanted.