Bali’s monkey forests

The things we do for children. I’m sorry monkey lovers, these animals do nothing for me, but the thought of going to a monkey forest was a dream come true for my nine-year-old.

We walked through the forest when an Indonesian man ahead screamed before racing into the trees. We weren’t sure what was going on until he returned with a wad of money. Apparently, the monkey whipped the notes out of his shirt pocket. This was just the beginning of what the monkeys of this forest would do. 

Coyote—photo courtesy Christopher Bruno, Wikimedia Commons

I heard on the news recently that the monkeys now attack visitors, biting their legs because since covid, there have been few tourists to feed them. This is a sorry lesson as to why we should never feed wild animals. In Vancouver’s Stanley Park, no matter how many signs there are to say don’t feed the coyotes, some people still ignore the warnings and so these wild animals are attacking joggers like the Balinese monkeys.

Bali monkey

After this visit, my daughter talked me into another monkey forest. I was reluctant with my mistrust of these animals, but she had endured long train rides with only a reminder at the end of each day as to how many days we had before we’d be back home. So reluctantly, we entered another forest where she had a monkey sit on her lap. In an instant, it barred its teeth at her and I feared it would bite her face. Fortunately, a woman nearby handed the creature a banana and my daughter never mentioned monkey forests again.

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  1. Did you read about what happened to the monkeys in Lopburi, Thailand since the beginning of the pandemic? They became very aggressive since now there are no more tourists to feed them. Knowing what they can do, the idea of visiting a place with a lot of wild monkeys never excites me. Anyway, Happy New Year, Mallee! Wishing you good health and a lot of happiness.

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  2. I’ve been here a couple of times. The first time a monkey aimed it’s urine at me from a tree above and the second my Mum almost got attacked by one, unprovoked! It’s an interesting place but I’m with you in that they don’t really do much for me 😂 I think they’re a hazard! 😂

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