From Calgary to Crows Nest

On my drives to and from Calgary, I tried to take alternate routes so I could see more of Alberta and B.C.  On one return trip, I headed west along highway three, stopped at Lundbreck Falls, then motored to the destination I was keen to see—Frank’s Slide.

Frank, a small coal mining town, was situated right on the boarder of the two provinces and existed under the shadow of Turtle Mountain. Over a hundred years ago, Turtle Mountain collapsed covering the town and burying over seventy of its residents. The mountain had already been unstable, but with mining and the weather conditions at the time, the disaster was inevitable.

Rubble stretched from the barren mountainside across to the other side of the highway extolling a catastrophic atmosphere. I wandered through the troubled landscape, tripping over rocks and was reminded of what can happen when we interfere with the natural environment.