Miles Canyon and further south

I left Whitehorse for Miles Canyon that was not far from the Yukon’s capital. A trail led to the Yukon River, still flowing at a reckless speed past the reddish cliffs. From there, I lazily zigzagged towards Skagway, stopping at scenic spots along the way and crossing into British Columbia and then the U.S. where the three borders were set close together.

On the Alaskan Highway, I drove to Jake’s Corner and crossed over towards Tagish. Passing Tagish Lake, I had to remind myself to keep my eyes on the road and not the spectacular scenery. Luckily, there were viewing points, so along with other drivers, I could stop and gape at nature’s splendour.

Still in the Yukon, my next stop was a small desert not far from Carcross. Rolling sand dunes wove their way towards hills in the distance. I trod over the soft sand and found it strange to find this type of an environment inland and out of place with the rest of the lush landscape and mountains, many still snow-capped. 

By afternoon I reached the day’s destination—Skagway.