Mount Revelstoke National Park

My destination was Canyon Hot Springs, forty kilometres east of Revelstoke, but I wanted to visit Mount Revelstoke National Park first. Situated in the Selkirk Mountains, the park covered two hundred and sixty square kilometres and was established in 1914.

I hiked the short Skunk Cabbage Trail followed by the Giant Cedar Trail where little sunlight filtered through the canopy. Past a gurgling creek, wooden steps rose into the forest where many of the western red cedars, B.C.’s official tree, were over five hundred years old. The western red cedars got their colouring not from the bark, but the red colour underneath the bark. The forest was silent except for the faint sound of running water and although the circuit was only five hundred metres long, it still felt like I was in the centre of a great forest.

Once I exited the trail, my thoughts drifted to a spring water swim. I imagined natural spring water bubbling out of a rock pool, but instead there were two swimming pools—one with hot water, and a larger rectangular pool slightly warm. In spite of my disappointment, I still had a relaxing afternoon alternating pools.

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