Yoho National Park

I drove through Rogers Pass with a view of snow-capped mountains on one side and a glacier on the other. After Golden I reached Canada’s second national park together with Glacier National Park—Yoho. Banff was Canada’s first national park. Yoho’s a Cree word meaning awe or wonder and that was exactly how I felt amidst its natural beauty. Originally, this park had only covered twenty-six square kilometres, but was later extended to cover more than a thousand square kilometres. Close to British Columbia’s border with Alberta, the park was situated on the western side of the Rocky Mountains. Within the park were more than twenty mountains that were over three thousand metres in height.

Natural Bridge where the Kicking Horse River rushed through a chasm reminded me of the more placid Natural Arch in Australia. It wasn’t possible to swim like at Natural Arch though as the water was fierce. Next was Emerald Lake. The only lake I’ve seen to equal its iridescent colour was one by the same name in the Yukon. Surrounded by forest and a glacier above to feed the icy water, I was gobsmacked. 

Yoho also had Canada’s second highest waterfall, Takakkan Falls. Water soared from a cliff five hundred metres above. I hiked to the base where spray floated from the fast moving water that split into two rushing torrents once it reached the ground. 

For me, this was and still is the best national park in the province.