Stanley Park

This is my daughter’s favourite park in the world. I get the attraction. It’s a huge 400 hectare site with nearly nine kilometres of walk/cycle/roller blade trails that skirt the park plus internal trails. The view of the sea and surrounding coastline is to die for and I’m impressed too. I hiked the ocean view trail and liked the two paths—one for walkers and a separate for the faster cycle users. For me, it’s an impressive park but far from my favourite. 

While there are shady cedars throughout the park, there are too many human intrusions. Picnic areas cut into the once forested areas and restaurants are located on scenic high points. But worst is the road running around the park and another noisy spot where continuous traffic crosses Lions Gate Bridge. Then again, this is the best a big city can offer.

One year, we experienced winds of over one hundred kilometres an hour. From my window, seventy metre trees swayed and branches sailed through the air. The next morning, I discovered large trees uprooted and leafy debris scattered everywhere. Many residences were without power for days.

This deluge reminded me of a similar windstorm years back. When I arrived at work after those winds, there wasn’t one staff member who, like me, hadn’t woken to the roar of the wind at three in the morning. Not long after, I drove through Vancouver’s Stanley Park to witness the devastation. Let the photo speak for itself.

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  1. We were just there last week after our sailing trip. I agree the roads are annoying but the long pedestrian and bike trail around the seawall are unlike anything else. We loved our walk on it anyway. Maggie

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