False Creek Hiking/Biking Trail

With several hours to kill between movies at the Vancouver International Film Festival, I took off along the False Creek Trail under a sunny fall sky. Heading for Grandville Island, a four-kilometre one way hike, I followed a paved route by shimmering water.

Pottery stores, apartments and cafes occupied one side of the walkway. On the opposite side, was False Creek with its marinas, piers where False Creek ferries docked and a view of downtown Vancouver beyond.

Charleson Park was near the halfway point where a bird pond provided rock perches for seagulls and Canada geese. There was a tiny rejuvenated island built to encourage birds to return to the area. Offshore, rowers were practising their skill on the calm water.

My return trip was after work hours when the number of users tripled—parents wheeling baby buggies, bikers whizzing past, ferries docked with full loads, and people like me, out for a casual stroll.