Tera Nova National Park

Many of the places I stayed were B & Bs, mostly run by women, like my Bonavista stay. They usually had one or the other reaction when I rolled in and they discovered I was travelling alone. I’d see a far away look in their eyes as if they wished they could do the same and never would, or there’d be that question, “Aren’t you afraid to travel around alone?” I almost burst out laughing the first time I heard this. In Newfoundland? Where you don’t even lock a car door? Must be the safest place on earth.

That’s why I usually felt safe roaming through parks and trails on my own which was what I did in Tera Nova where the vegetation was spectacular. Sandy Pond was a three kilometre walk through wildflowers where I spotted a pitcher plant (featured photo).  Next, I took the short Ochre Hall Walk and climbed to the top of a tower for a 360-degree view of the park.

The last hike was from the visitor’s centre, the Coastal Trail, a nine plus kilometre return trip. The vegetation was similar to the first hike but followed the bay. I sat on a rock and ate a snack and saw my first loon. But in the end I walked only as far as the waterfall.