Old Cairo’s Khan al Khalile Souk

One place I couldn’t get enough of in Cairo, was Khan al Khalile Souk in Old Cairo. We loved it so much, we went back a second time during our short stay.

Trading in the souk began in the 14th century and had been built over the burial grounds of the late Fatimid caliphs.

On our first sojourn, we wound our way along streets of market stalls selling everything from cushions to spices. My daughter can wear me out with shopaholic tendencies, but here, I was just as keen to weave my way in and out of shops admiring the range of goods available.

Retailers jangled their wares, trying to lure us into their dens. Narrow alleyways, overhung with goods gave a sense of what the congested area must have once been like—not much different from the present day.