Hong Kong’s Peak

The Peak was Hong Kong’s highest point at just over 550 metres above sea level. It had once been a place where the elite visited during Hong Kong’s steamy summers until an English governor built his home there, setting a trend for other wealthy residents. At that time, the only way to reach the top was by a steep path. The wealthy sat in a tiny sedan car and were carried up and down by two of their staff until a tram line was constructed.

On my visit there were three ways to reach the Peak—by cable car, bus or walk. I hiked to the Peak along the well-maintained path. At the top I was in for a surprise because every photo I’d seen of Hong Kong had been of nothing but high-rise buildings. Instead, I discovered along the 3.5 kilometre circuit trail jungle-like vegetation until I came to where many photographs of the bird’s eye view of Hong Kong skyscrapers were taken. And of course, I got my own photo on that overcast day.

Beyond lay Victoria Harbour and further afield on that hazy day, a few dotted islands sat before Lantau Island where I planned to stay on my return flight.

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