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A part of 1950s Melbourne

Because the Middle Park Council does not allow it’s 1950 houses to be demolished, the area has a different feel than most other parts of Melbourne. House owners might build up or add extensions to the back of a property, but the front must remain the same. Continue reading A part of 1950s Melbourne

Back in the 1900s

South of Albert Park Beach was Middle Park Beach. In the 1900s when men and women  were not permitted to swim together at the beach, there were public baths along the shoreline to cater to this law. Continue reading Back in the 1900s

A peek into Arnhem Land and the morning star

When I entered one of the Goma’s art gallery rooms, it was full of sacred poles. In Arnhem Land in the very north of Australia, the Gupapuyngu people hold annual ceremonies celebrating Banumbirr, the morning star, or as we know it, Venus. Continue reading A peek into Arnhem Land and the morning star

Cancer country

Port Phillip Bay stretched around on its eastern side with one perfect beach after another. For me, the only disappointment was being a bay, the sea was like swimming in a lake, flat with no surf. Continue reading Cancer country

The lure of a spirit

The Bay Trail from St Kilda to Port Melbourne was about a five kilometre trip one way. I stepped on to the trail somewhere at the midpoint and usually turned south, but that day I headed in the opposite direction. Far in the distance sat the Spirit of Tasmania and I had this urge for ages to walk right to the pier. Continue reading The lure of a spirit

Crossing from one gallery to the next

Brisbane no longer has one art gallery. In an adjoining building, was the modern art gallery of more than ten years, The Goma. This one seemed to excite the many students visiting the gallery far more than the subdued original site. Continue reading Crossing from one gallery to the next