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The Australian Open

The Australian Open had started, but I had other events in mind. Not far from Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station, was Federation Square. As I walked through, I couldn’t help notice tennis fans, lazing back on deck chairs under the summer sun with eyes glued to the giant television screen above. Continue reading The Australian Open

Along Sydney’s Coast

Bronte Beach. Photo courtesy: Cookaa — Wikimedia Commons

I hiked to Tamarara Beach followed by Bronte. Around the cliff face wind swooped as if it lingered in one of the hollows it carved out, waiting for me to pass, waiting for the next wave so it could send up another layer of sea spray. Continue reading Along Sydney’s Coast

Alone over the Great Barrier Reef

After our tour boat anchored, almost everyone took advantage of the glass bottom boats to view the reef, except me. I snorkelled over a different part of the reef to spy the wonderworld below. Continue reading Alone over the Great Barrier Reef

A stroll through Melbourne’s Middle Park

Walking the dogs through Middle Park, I was in awe. The Melbourne suburb is an inner city suburb with Albert Park and St Kilda on one side and Port Phillip Bay on the other. I whipped out my camera at the unique vegetation. Continue reading A stroll through Melbourne’s Middle Park

Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are on the southern side of the Yarra River, before crossing into the heart of the city. In the distance, Melbourne’s highest buildings peek over the trees but the city is soon forgotten with paths weaving through giant trees. Continue reading Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens

Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Victoria

This art gallery was nothing like any I’ve ever visited. Away from Melbourne in the Yarra Valley, the gallery was set in a bush landscape where giant gum trees reared over buildings. A path led past a derrick house where Sydney Nolan once stored many of his paintings. At the old farmhouse, we wandered through the rooms where the Reed family once lived. In the 1960s they built a unique architectural dream house. Now, both buildings form separate parts of the main gallery. Continue reading Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Victoria

Victoria’s Hanging Rock

Like many others who long ago saw the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock, I had always wanted to visit the film’s location. The movie’s setting added to the mystery of the story so I was thrilled when my daughter suggested we drive there. Continue reading Victoria’s Hanging Rock