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A stroll through Old Cairo’s Shari Al-Muiz Li-Din Allah

On our second tour of Old Cairo, we started at the southern wall  of Shari Al-Muiz Li-Din Allah through an arched entrance and walked past one beautiful building after another. There were buildings with intricate wooden latticework, sculptured doors and Arabic calligraphy decorating the walls. Continue reading A stroll through Old Cairo’s Shari Al-Muiz Li-Din Allah

Khan al-Khalili Souk

If there’s one place you shouldn’t miss in Cairo, it’s Khan al-Khalili Souk. We loved it so much, we went back a second time during our short stay.

On our first sojourn, we wound our way along streets of market stalls selling everything from cushions to spices. Continue reading Khan al-Khalili Souk

The pyramids of Giza

I imagined the pyramids surrounded by desert, but Cairo had inched closer to the ancient structures. In fact, I discovered the city on the pyramids’ doorstep on one side, and desert on the other. Continue reading The pyramids of Giza

An Aga Khan project – Al-Azhar Park

I was keen to visit this park. The site had once been a dump. Truck loads of new soil and chemicals to counter toxins, were brought in before the transformation. During the excavation, a wall from the Fatimid period was discovered and restored. Continue reading An Aga Khan project – Al-Azhar Park

Thinking of visiting Cairo’s blank museum? Think again

Photo: Cairo Museum entrance courtesy Ijanderson977 –

Being within walking distance of Cairo’s museum, we trudged by beeping traffic under a blazing sun. Before the doors swung open, we arrived early thinking we’d beat the crowds to discover others with the same idea.

We did manage to scurry to the Tutankhamun exhibit before too many others surrounded the glittering treasures. This small section was well worth a view but I understand has since been moved to a new site near the pyramids. Continue reading Thinking of visiting Cairo’s blank museum? Think again

Traffic! Heat! Yes, it’s Cairo

To entice me to Malta once again, my daughter suggested a trip to Syria as Air Malta had started a flight. This was before the country’s destruction. Bookings quickly filled and we missed the opportunity so we flew to Cairo instead. Egypt had always held a fascination for me, so the prospect of travelling for a quick visit with my daughter was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. Continue reading Traffic! Heat! Yes, it’s Cairo