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Naritasan Shinshorji Temple

When I first entered Narita’s temple more than twenty years ago, a New Year’s day ceremony was in full force. I climbed the steep steps to find there was no way I could squeeze into the main hall. Worshippers sat shoulder to shoulder while the sound of a drum beat a hypnotic rhythm. Continue reading Naritasan Shinshorji Temple

A memory from two decades ago

Although I took no photos, I still remember walking along a narrow street in Narita where crowds made it impossible to tread at more than a snail’s pace. I was unaware of the importance of January 1st in Japan until I reached the temple and saw the crowds gathered before a monk. Continue reading A memory from two decades ago

Shinjuku’s neon night

I first visited Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district in the day time and noticed the seedy side. Countless massage parlours and huge billboards of women in suggestive poses lined narrow lanes where men lingered outside waiting to lure customers. Continue reading Shinjuku’s neon night

A cloudy view

I reached Kawaguchiko Station in the hope of viewing Mt Fuji. Who doesn’t want to see Japan’s most famous mountain? On my final full day in Japan I knew my chances weren’t great. The sky was cloudy, and as I drew nearer, rain dampened the sidewalks. But this was my last chance. Continue reading A cloudy view

Trains anyone?

I know I’ve  posted about Japan’s Shinkansen, and thought I’d never write about trains again. They didn’t  interest me until I spotted the Thomas trains on the way to Mr Fuji. Continue reading Trains anyone?

The home of Nissan

Only a half hour train ride away from downtown Tokyo was Yokohama. It was a huge change from being in the midst of tourists, and as I left the train station and headed towards a park I’d earmarked, I stumbled upon my first eye catching sight. Continue reading The home of Nissan

Cruising on the Sumida

A cruise along the Sumida River seemed like an easy way to see more of Tokyo. I boarded a ferry at Asakura Pier and glided beneath countless bridges. While the trip was relaxing, there wasn’t much that drew my attention until we reached Hama Rikyu Garden. Continue reading Cruising on the Sumida