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Repetition in Writing

Often on Pinterest I come across word lists — Words to use instead of . . . I save the pins as it’s one of the problems writing a manuscript that’s over 80 000 words. It’s easy to repeat your favourite vocabulary without realising. Continue reading Repetition in Writing

An evening with Spoken Ink

As writers, it’s a joy to share our work. While we may read for only five or ten minutes, we’ve deliberated over the piece for hours; coming back weeks, months and even years later to fine-tune the work. Continue reading An evening with Spoken Ink

Mallee Stanley & Farida Somjee to read at Burnaby Writers’ Society — Ismailimail

Thursday May 12, 2016 @ 8:00 p.m. Wings Pub & Grill 6879 Kingsway Burnaby. A Burnaby Writers’ Society workshop session begins at 7 p.m. followed by the Spoken INK readings at 8 p.m

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Legal Deposit In Canadian Law

A must read for newly published or about to be published Canadian authors


On 15 May I published a post entitled, “Legal Deposit, What Is It And Are You Covered, ( In that post I explained that all books published in the UK must be submitted for archiving to the British Library.

I have been contacted by a Canadian blogger, Lorraine, who has provided a link to a helpful post on her blog regarding the position in Canada, ( Thank you Lorraine for drawing my attention to your article. In essence the situation in Canada appears to be analogous to that in the UK with authors being obliged to furnish copies of their works to Canada’s equivalent of the British Library.


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More on sneaky writer ploys

Photo: Zarateman -
(Photo: Zarateman –

I’m sure you’ve been on public transport and noticed people with head phones stuck in their ears, bobbing along to a mysterious song. Well, here’s a piece of advice: don’t assume they’re all listening to music. Continue reading More on sneaky writer ploys