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Has anything changed?

Featured photo courtesy: McKay Savage — Wikimedia Commons

I spent four months in Lanka back in the days before the Internet. And while I’ve travelled to many countries since, Lanka stands out more than any other in one aspect: Continue reading Has anything changed?

The last word on Trinco

Photo courtesy: Indi Samarajiva – Wikimedia Commons

Trincomalee was memorable for the families I met. There were two other reasons I’d rather forget that I also connect to the town. One happened while I strolled along the harbourside heading towards a shop to buy butter. Continue reading The last word on Trinco

Trincomalee’s Australian connection

Trincomalee Bay – Photo courtesy: Dschen Reinecke – Wikimedia Commons

This peaceful town sat on what seemed like a strip of land with the ocean on one side and the protected harbour on the other.

It was here I met the Labroy family originally hailing from Australia. The children’s accents held nothing of the Australian twang but were tinged more with the local Tamil. Continue reading Trincomalee’s Australian connection

Sinhalese Enlightenment

The highlands were for walking because although it was still warm, the climate was nowhere near as hot and sticky as Lanka’s lowlands.

Across from the Royal Botanic Gardens stood Peradeniya University. I don’t remember much of the university except from a photo I took, but I do remember the next days’s confrontation in the grimy city. Continue reading Sinhalese Enlightenment