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A taste of Uganda’s India

Indian food in East Africa had a distinctly different flavour from dishes anywhere in India. After Asians once settled in a new continent, cooking took on a mixture of spices from India with a touch of Africa. Continue reading A taste of Uganda’s India

Reality check back in Jinja

Photo courtesy: John Hanson – Creative Commons

My last night in Uganda was back in Jinja. I was heading into Kenya again. I stayed with an African family that night who made me realise how friendly Uganda was. I had got to know more locals than any other country in spite of only spending a couple of weeks there. Continue reading Reality check back in Jinja

On safari in Uganda

Elephant – Photo courtesy: Daryona –

It was a sad state of affairs when I grew tired of seeing hippopotamus in Murchison Falls Game Park. They were as thick as thieves in the game park. It was a feeling similar to Kenya when I stopped taking notice of zebra because they appeared to be everywhere. Continue reading On safari in Uganda

Crocodile country – Murchison Falls Game Park

Murchison Falls: Photo courtesy: sarahemcc –

After my memorable Masindi stay, I met up with the Nile again and another piece of luck. I was invited to stay with the park’s warden and his wife and had my first taste of African cooking.

It may seem strange to be in Africa for nearly two months and not having tried African food (except mandazi), but I was addicted to spicy food and there was no shortage of Indian restaurants.

My second piece of luck was Continue reading Crocodile country – Murchison Falls Game Park

By pass to Masindi

Photo courtesy: Daryona –

I headed into northern Uganda towards Murchison Falls National Park because I hadn’t had enough of animals in the wild but didn’t quite make it. Instead, I found myself in Masindi, a small town on the border of the reserve. Continue reading By pass to Masindi

Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Game Park

Hippo – Photo courtesy: Rweinkov – English Wikipedia

Close to Uganda’s western border with the Congo, was a huge stretch of animal reserve obviously named by the British. Continue reading Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Game Park

Kampala’s royal tombs

Photo courtesy: not not phil –

Because I didn’t keep records of my early travel, I recall little of Kampala except a visit to the Kasubi Royal Tombs.

Like Europe, Africa had it royals. Uganda was no exception. A Ugandan king or kabaka, ruled over the Baganda people, living in the richest part of the country. All that remained of the kingdom was the burial place of four of its kings situated on one of the seven hills that made up the city. Continue reading Kampala’s royal tombs

The source of the Nile

Photo courtesy: Cory Doctorow –

Once over the Ugandan border, my first stop was Jinja. I wanted to see the starting point of Africa’s longest river.

While the actual source of the Nile came from over Uganda’s western border with the Congo, the Rwenzori Mountains, the Nile itself (or the Victoria Nile), began its long journey north from Lake Victoria right where the town of Jinja was situated. Continue reading The source of the Nile