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Street eating

I never took much notice of the number of people perched on child size plastic chairs on the pavement consuming their daily dose of pho. It was only when a Japanese tourist pointed out the common site I’d seen all over Vietnam, I raised my camera. Continue reading Street eating

The Old Quarter’s Hang Bac Temple

This was definitely the last temple of my Vietnamese visit. At least that’s what I told myself during my final days in Hanoi. I was enticed by the narrow passageway and then up steps. Continue reading The Old Quarter’s Hang Bac Temple

A Hanoi Traditional House

Inside Ma May’s traditional two-storey house I ran my hand over the iron wood trimmings. I walked to the back of the hundred year old house where the kitchen stood in an open courtyard, sun streaming down from the open square. Continue reading A Hanoi Traditional House

Foods I’d never tried (or maybe wouldn’t)

I didn’t notice any fruits or vegetables I hadn’t seen before as I wandered through Hanoi’s Old Quarter. As for meats, I didn’t want to go there, especially after walking past barbequed dog. When I approached brains or large chunks of meaty red legs, I looked the other way. Continue reading Foods I’d never tried (or maybe wouldn’t)