Vancouver’s hidden treasure

During my daughter’s short visit, she wanted to visit UBC’s rose garden. The university sits on a snout that overlooks the Salish Sea, and while it was too early in the season to find the garden at its best, the view was spectacular. Continue reading Vancouver’s hidden treasure

Downtown sojourn

What is it about daughters and downtown Vancouver? I avoid the city because of traffic and parking problems while it’s the first place daughters want to hang out.

Some time back, my daughter visited in spring after attending a wedding in the States and we were soon headed in that westerly direction. On her list of must sees, was the cherry blossoms. Continue reading Downtown sojourn

A Bear Reminder

One of the benefits of where I live is areas of forest are preserved on both sides of every creek and river in the city. While I’d like to believe it’s for environmental reasons, it’s really about economics because come fall, millions of salmon swim upstream into these creeks and rivers to spawn. Continue reading A Bear Reminder

Cypress Hills couldn’t cure my phobia

There were other places further north I could have ventured, but without realising it until I reached the Rockies, I was suffering from flat-phobia. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, shared by Saskatchewan and Alberta, didn’t cure it. While the forests, the hikes and the lookout were scenic, I hungered for higher mountains and taller trees. Continue reading Cypress Hills couldn’t cure my phobia

Time to hit Saskatchewan’s big smoke

I drove north to Saskatchewan’s capital not expecting much after the country I’d passed through but Regina was a beautiful city. It was summer so the lush park that bordered one side of a lake, was an ideal hang out. The city was clean and yes, there were signs, so easy to find my way around. Continue reading Time to hit Saskatchewan’s big smoke

A lone hill – Castle Butte

I stayed in a one street wonder of a prairie town where a wheat silo dominated the edge of the village. I wanted to be close to Castle Butte but this time I was a little more prepared for signless Saskatchewan. Continue reading A lone hill – Castle Butte

My travel diary

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