Alberta’s capital and beyond

Columbia Icefield glacier - Saperaud -
Columbia Icefield glacier – Photo: Saperaud –

My daughter attended a wedding in Edmonton so I volunteered to drive her. I know, it was over a thousand kilometres one way, but it wasn’t long after I arrived in Canada, and I was keen to see some of the country.

On the way, we stopped in Jasper National Park Continue reading Alberta’s capital and beyond

Calgary’s floods

The Bow and Elbow Rivers gurgle through neighbourhoods like old friends. Only when the snow melts from the Rockies, does the water level rise and every decade or so, dramatically.  Continue reading Calgary’s floods

Houses in South-west Calgary

I’ve noticed that while families have shrunk from eight children a couple of generations ago to two on average today, family houses have grown to more than double the size rather than smaller. Continue reading Houses in South-west Calgary

South-West Calgary meandering

My daughter once lived in South-West Calgary so it was easy to explore the area on visits. She lived in a tasteful old building with an elevator that I didn’t think existed any more; one you had to yank back the door on before stepping into an antique interior. The elevator then clanked to the required floor after you pressed a Bakelite button. This elevator brought back memories of one of my first jobs in an old Brisbane building with a similar contraption. Continue reading South-West Calgary meandering

Alberta’s Birds of Prey Sanctuary, Coaldale

Harrier hawk
Harrier hawk – Photo courtesy: Bernard Dupont –

There is something magnetic about birds of prey. When I read about a foundation that released injured birds into the wild once they recovered, I knew this was somewhere I wanted to explore. Continue reading Alberta’s Birds of Prey Sanctuary, Coaldale

Alberta’s Head-smashed-in buffalo jump

I think this site, west of Fort MacLeod, sealed my fate. I was doomed to journey around southern Alberta alone because after this excursion, my daughter thought up some reason or other not to join me on my explorations of her province. Continue reading Alberta’s Head-smashed-in buffalo jump

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