Melbourne’s Hosier Lane Street Art

Croft Lane wasn’t the only lane to view the work of street artists. Hosier Lane had a tall Aboriginal portrait way above the other art; a piece that took three days to complete. This was one of Adnate’s realistic portraits using spray paint. Continue reading Melbourne’s Hosier Lane Street Art

Yoho National Park

I entered through Rogers Pass with a view of snow-capped mountains to the west and a glacier to the east. After Golden I reached Yoho National Park. Yoho’s a Cree word meaning awe or wonder, and that was exactly how I felt amidst the natural beauty. Continue reading Yoho National Park

London Bridge

Beyond Port Campbell, the mind-boggling coastal landscape along the Great Ocean Road didn’t end. There were stacks nestled off shore and arches where waves pounded the cliffs. Luckily, we had lost the buses of tourists after the Loch Ard location, and could enjoy the beauty with a handful of others. Continue reading London Bridge

Zanzibar’s Matchless Design


Photo courtesy: Hairt (Talk I contribs) — Wikimedia Commons

You could hear the craftsmen hammering, tap, tap as the next stud made up the pattern emboldened into the wooden box, a Zanzibar chest. The design may have been from Zanzibar, but the containers were also made and sold in Dar es Salaam.

I kept mine in a prized position where I could admire its unique design from anywhere in my bedroom. Inside, I stored my jewellery, but like so many of my keepsakes, the treasure got left behind.

Glacier National Park

East from Revelstoke was Glacier National Park. Tall hemlock and cedars lined the path of Hemlock Grove Boardwalk, a setting made perfect because no one else was there on that early morning. Entering a different part of the park, I walked over the Llicillewaet River hoping for a glimpse of the glacier of the same name. Continue reading Glacier National Park

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