The two princes

After I disembarked from the ferry in Prince Rupert, this quiet lay back town was a perfect end to my trip. I loafed around town along the beautiful waterways, explored a hiking trail and even rented a car and drove to Port Edward not far away Continue reading The two princes

Skagway’s Lower Dewey Lake getaway

Skagway was cruise ship haven, with thousands of people invading the streets to lick ice cream while meandering along the main drag from one overpriced store to another. Fortunately, I discovered Lower Dewey Lake trail behind the town, otherwise I might have gone crazy. Continue reading Skagway’s Lower Dewey Lake getaway

Chilkoot and White Pass Trails

The Chilkoot Pass at the Linderman Lake end, looked easy enough but from Skagway it involved a steep climb. Fine if you had nothing to carry, but prospectors lugged all their heavy supplies. While I explored the area, three hikers took off for the three-day trek. Continue reading Chilkoot and White Pass Trails

By train from Carcross to Lindeman Lake

After lingering in Carcross, we finally boarded the train and were off, passing kilometre upon kilometre of Bennett Lake. When we reached the end of Lindeman Lake, the train stopped because this was where gold miners built their canoes then paddled upstream heading for Dawson City, in the direction I had come from. Continue reading By train from Carcross to Lindeman Lake

Carcross – last Yukon stop

I returned the car I rented in Whitehorse and bused to Carcross. On the way, the driver stopped at Emerald Lake where a chemical on the shallow lake’s floor along with sunshine, caused the iridescent greens. Continue reading Carcross – last Yukon stop

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