A gathering in the high Andes

My daughter spent a year in South America and during that period, we decided to hook up in Ecuador. It happened to be the year I had a student from Ecuador in my class who was also heading south. While I waited in the capital for my daughter’s arrival, I met up with Samanta and her parents. Continue reading A gathering in the high Andes

Silvermine Bay, Lantau Island

I left Hong Kong, but on my return flight stopped off in the city to break up the long journey. This time I stayed at Silvermine Bay, a quiet secluded beach with accommodation right on the waterfront. Continue reading Silvermine Bay, Lantau Island

Tai O Fishing Village

While already on Lantau Island, I decided to journey over to Tai O Fishing Village. These kinds of places attracted me because I’d grown up with a father who, had he had his wish, would probably have wanted to fish for a living. Continue reading Tai O Fishing Village

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