Cricket mania

Photo courtesy: Chennapati — Wikimedia Commons

Someone I know told me she went to India to work for a year and her son was furious. What was he going to do there?

Simple. Living in Canada, he hadn’t heard of the word cricket. Continue reading Cricket mania

Indian music – Love it or hate it?

Photo courtesy: Sukanto Debneith — Wikimedia Commons

One aspect that drove me to the end of my tether in India was Indian music. I’m not talking about the Ravi Shankar sita bita mita stuff. I mean the Bollywood Kollywood genre that pelted out from radios set at top volume with those high pitched female squealers. Continue reading Indian music – Love it or hate it?

They hadn’t visited Tamil Nadu
Dhanush (Photo:

Waiting in line at the checkout, I often read the smutty magazine one-liners when I saw Hollywood’s latest hunk about a guy I wouldn’t look twice at. Continue reading They hadn’t visited Tamil Nadu

Rameswarm’s Brahmin restaurant.

Photo courtesy: Harsha K R from Bangalore — Wikimedia Commons

Clustered near Ramanthaswamy Temple was a Brahmin restaurant with the crispiest masala dosas. Continue reading Rameswarm’s Brahmin restaurant.

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