First encounter with India

My Air India flight arrived from Singapore at something like two in the morning. Like a lost lamb, I edged my way through the chaos of coolies and taxi drivers badgering for business.

After I slunk into the back of a wonky taxi seat, the driver whizzed through the darkened Chennai streets. Continue reading First encounter with India

Nine years and still no justice for Tamil murders in Lanka

Trincomalee photo courtesy: Mayooresan — Wikimedia Commons

When five Tamil students sat on a Trinco beach back in 2006, a grenade was thrown, injuring three. The Lankan Special Task Force along with the Superintendent of Police, soon arrived wearing face masks. They beat the boys with rifle butts, removed them from the beach and dumped them on the road near the Ghandi statue at a roundabout where they shot them. Continue reading Nine years and still no justice for Tamil murders in Lanka

Away from the maddening Indian crowds

Photo courtesy: Dominik Hundhammer — Wikimedia Commons

No matter where I was in India, it was hard to get away from the crowds, the hawkers, the scents and sounds of India. But while in the south, I found a beach that stretched as far as a point some kilometres off with not a building or soul in sight. Continue reading Away from the maddening Indian crowds

Leaving India

Ship off the Kenyan coast

Photo courtesy: Andrew Thomas — Wikimedia Commons

Three times I’ve left India, (oops, now it’s four, since writing this post) and two of those times were by sea. Firstly, I chugged across the Palk Straight from Rameswaram to Mannar Island, Lanka; a mere day’s experience.

The second sea exit was Continue reading Leaving India

India’s Cochin

Kochi Chinese fishing net — Photo courtesy: Hans A Roshach — Wikimedia Commons

I think Goa is over rated while Cochin is under rated. The green city with its coconut-fringed waterways was paradise. It was hard to escape the sea and the Chinese fishing nets that swish into the sea; not that I wanted to.

Kerala curry

Kerala fish curry —  Photo courtesy: Ramesh N.G. — Wikimedia Commons

Do you believe you’re a curry buff?

I thought I was. I was sure I could eat any curry, no matter how hot and enjoy it. I did until I arrived in Cochin. Continue reading Kerala curry

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