Sampan Aberdeen

Like Singapore, Hong Kong had been a sampan haven. Now they were an rare sight. In fact, I caught a bus to Aberdeen on the opposite side of Hong Kong Island to enjoy the privilege of a ride in boats that had once been homes for some Chinese families. Continue reading Sampan Aberdeen

China’s Macau

I took a ferry to Macau for the day. In many ways the town reminded me of Goa. Both having once been ruled by the Portuguese, the architecture had that distinct flavour: arches dominating the buildings; open squares; even one of the churches was similar to one I’d seen in Panjim. Continue reading China’s Macau

The two princes

After I disembarked from the ferry in Prince Rupert, this quiet lay back town was a perfect end to my trip. I loafed around town along the beautiful waterways, explored a hiking trail and even rented a car and drove to Port Edward not far away Continue reading The two princes

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