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Barnett Marine Park

Barnett Marine Park, just off the highway in Burnaby, is a place to hike if you want that open space feeling rather than being enclosed by tall trees as in most of B.C.’s hiking trails. Continue reading Barnett Marine Park

Burnaby Mountain Hike

A friend suggested we climb the 500 steps up Burnaby Mountain to the park perched above. As we ascended, a view of Burrard Inlet peeked through the trees. Continue reading Burnaby Mountain Hike

Belcarra Regional Park’s Jug Island Trail

Jug Island trail meanders in the opposite direction from Admiralty Point trail. It’s a longer hike up and down through pristine forest to a secluded inlet that stretches off Burrard Inlet. Continue reading Belcarra Regional Park’s Jug Island Trail

Admiralty Point hiking trail

I hiked through tall cedar and douglas fir along this Admiralty Point traill during the early days after my move to Canada. Over the years, I forgot about the trail in favour of other walks but last summer, I returned delighted again that not many people were on the route. Continue reading Admiralty Point hiking trail