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Guayaquil’s Rio Guayas

Guayaquil was steamy after being in the Andes, but a walk beside Rio Guayas gave the illusion of coolness. The entire waterfront was open to the public with water pools, lush vegetation and even a poor toucan locked in a cage. Continue reading Guayaquil’s Rio Guayas

Quito took my breath away

There was a strong police presence around Quito to deter thieves from stealing from tourists. I wandered streets with ease until I came to a hill where I literally lost my breath. The nearly 3000 metres about sea level made me feel ancient. It wasn’t until my daughter arrived and she experienced the same breathlessness climbing hills, that I felt reassured. Continue reading Quito took my breath away

A gathering in the high Andes

My daughter spent a year in South America and during that period, we decided to hook up in Ecuador. It happened to be the year I had a student from Ecuador in my class who was also heading south. While I waited in the capital for my daughter’s arrival, I met up with Samanta and her parents. Continue reading A gathering in the high Andes