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Looking down on Taipei

Back in 2004, Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world at 508 metres until in 2010 Dubai outstripped it at 828 metres. However, Taipei 101 still has the largest (at 5.5 metres in diameter) and heaviest (weighing 660 tonnes) wind damper. Additionally, the damper is the only one in the world that is visible to the public. This massive damper ball stops the building from swaying any more than 1.5 metres. Continue reading Looking down on Taipei

Downtown Kyoto

Spellbound by the beauty of the use of roof tiles and wood panels on Kyoto’s traditional Japanese buildings, I was disappointed this unique architecture did not transpose on to its modern structures. In fact, some of Kyoto’s modern buildings were down right ugly. Continue reading Downtown Kyoto

What’s a Queenslander?

Some out of state people might think I’m referring to banana benders; the name given to people living in the sunshine state. But I’m talking about the unique architecture of the original wooden homes built especially for the sultry climate. Continue reading What’s a Queenslander?

Disappearing era

Featured photo: Brighton’s old post office building, now a Nike store

Before the internet, post offices were landmarks in every city and its suburbs around the world. Sadly, these impressive buildings, have fallen by the way side. Continue reading Disappearing era

Only men allowed?

I’m a tree person, but staying close to the downtown core of Calgary, I can’t help notice some of the beautiful buildings. It might be a glistening highrise, but often the older preserved buildings catch my camera’s eye. Continue reading Only men allowed?