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Something new, something old

I don’t often go downtown, but when I do, I discover something new and rediscover something old. I should probably say only slightly old since Vancouver is a relatively new city compared with other parts of the world. Continue reading Something new, something old

Dalat’s best kept secret

On Tran Hung Dao, the Dalat Cadasa Resort was made up of six houses once occupied by the French colonialists. The properties were turned into tourist accommodation and the best part was that it was possible to wander through each house and view some of the rooms without being a guest of the resort. Continue reading Dalat’s best kept secret

Hang Nga Crazy House

I didn’t see the point to this so-called crazy house not far from the centre of Dalat. The structure looked like something out of a Star Wars movie except it was bulging with over weight Russian tourists. Continue reading Hang Nga Crazy House