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The NGV’s Aboriginal Weaving

The National Gallery of Victoria is my favourite gallery in the world. That’s because I’ve never discovered a better gallery that displays some of the finest Aboriginal work. Every visit to Melbourne, I return to this free gallery and discover something new. Continue reading The NGV’s Aboriginal Weaving

Airport Art

Artist: Bill Reed

Vancouver Airport is an easy structure to navigate, but have you ever noticed the art? There are a large number of Inuit carvings enclosed in glass cases that run along the railings, and the sound of running water is an art unto itself. Continue reading Airport Art

Sea to Sky Highway

If you ever want to just drive for the sake of it, Sea to Sky Highway is the one I’d pick. It winds along a magnificent coastline from North Vancouver to Whistler just the way Australia’s Great Ocean Road does. Continue reading Sea to Sky Highway

Paul Hardy’s Kaleidoscopic Animalia

By far the most artsy display in Calgary’s Glenbow Museum, was Paul Hardy’s Kaleidoscopic Animalia exhibit. Hardy, the artist in residence for 2015, took items from the museum’s collection and arranged them without considering their origin or time span as most museum exhibits do. Instead, he artistically wove together parts of the collection under a theme – animals. Continue reading Paul Hardy’s Kaleidoscopic Animalia

A little art in the Glenbow

Calgary’s Glenbow Museum in downtown Calgary had a small art gallery, but the paintings contained in the gallery were worth a look.

There was a David Thauberger exhibition, Road Trips and other Diversions, showing during my visit. The colourful paintings gave a sense of the prairies with mainly buildings set on a flat landscape. Continue reading A little art in the Glenbow

Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Victoria

This art gallery was nothing like any I’ve ever visited. Away from Melbourne in the Yarra Valley, the gallery was set in a bush landscape where giant gum trees reared over buildings. A path led past a derrick house where Sydney Nolan once stored many of his paintings. At the old farmhouse, we wandered through the rooms where the Reed family once lived. In the 1960s they built a unique architectural dream house. Now, both buildings form separate parts of the main gallery. Continue reading Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Victoria