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Beomeosa Temple grounds

After roaming the temple buildings, I stumbled upon a cafeteria where free vegetarian food was offered to all visitors. Then after lunch explored the forest surrounding the temple site. Outside was a 560 year old ginkgo tree planted by a Buddhist monk after the Japanese invaded Joseon in 1592. The tree didn’t bare any nuts so 300 years ago a male ginkgo tree was planted not far away. The tree then produced thirty large sacks of nuts annually. Continue reading Beomeosa Temple grounds

What was it about the Bamboo Forest?

I’d seen countless photos of Arashiyama’s Bamboo Forest, but still I wanted to go and see it myself. Crowds strolled through the pathway stopping to take photos as I did. Staring up at these giant sentinels was worth the trip until my gaze returned to eye level. Continue reading What was it about the Bamboo Forest?

Gems on the way to Katsura River

While hoards of sightseers flooded the main thoroughfare heading towards the Bamboo Forest, I wandered back streets heading in the opposite direction and discovered there was more to admire than just the forest. Continue reading Gems on the way to Katsura River