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Elliston’s special treat

Along the highway from Bonavista to Elliston, garden plots dotted the side of the road (featured photo). This was where locals grew their vegetables before the harsh winters. Wouldn’t people stop and steal their crops? No, I was told. No one had experienced this kind of theft according to locals. I also spotted root sellers in Elliston and Maberly. These were where an earlier generation once stored their food like an outdoor refrigerator. It couldn’t have been fun traipsing outside to collect vegetables and whatever else they stored in them during the winter. But I was headed to a peninsula just out of Elliston to see puffins.

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A reserve that should have been preserved

When I caught a train to Tamsui, my eyes followed a trail running parallel to the tracks that continued all the way to the last MRT station. On the journey I spotted so many pieces of garbage it seemed like someone had tipped a box of never-ending litter along the route. Continue reading A reserve that should have been preserved

Birdwatchers on patrol

In spite of living only half an hour’s drive from Maplewood Flats Wild Bird Sanctuary, I had only ever driven past heading further a field. This quiet corner of North Vancouver offered excellent views of Burrard Inlet, and I was keen to explore the reserve even though I was no bird watcher. Continue reading Birdwatchers on patrol