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Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens

In the city’s botanic gardens, I wandered under an old banyan fig tree planted in the 1870s savouring the shade. It may have been a native of India, but its expansive foliage was perfect under Brisbane’s heat. The Brolgas by Lindsay Daen, was stationed in the middle of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. It stood before a bamboo grove. The inspiration for the work came from a shipwrecked sailor who once lived with Aborigines for seventeen years. Further into the gardens was a macadamia tree, a Queensland native renowned for its tasty nuts.

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Brisbane’s iconic buildings

The treasury building (featured photo) marked the entrance into Brisbane’s city centre. The building was constructed at the turn of the 20th century and once housed state government offices. In the early 1970s some of the government departments moved to the Executive building. Then in 1995, the Treasury was used as a casino.

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Beyond the beach

Leaving Williamstown Beach, I headed back to the pier passing through the Botanic Gardens opened in the 1860s. Most of the trees were unnamed, but walking between the avenue of palms and by giant Moreton Bay fig trees created a peaceful end to my hour long hike. Continue reading Beyond the beach

Melbourne’s Tan

The Tan Track was established in 1901. At that time, it comprised of four lanes: a path for horses, one for carriages, a bicycle lane, and a pedestrian path. The name Tan, was derived from the type of bark that covered the equestrian track. Over one hundred years later, only one track remains that is longer than the original.  Continue reading Melbourne’s Tan

Buildings within Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

Holtam Hall was once the office of the Assistant Director of the Botanic Gardens until 1925. On my visit, the building had become the Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum. Within the two storey building, was a history of the gardens as well as displays on different plant species. Continue reading Buildings within Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

Orchids, Orchids and more Orchids

Singapore’s orchid garden was a photographer’s delight. Most of the varieties grown in the botanic gardens were in flower so there was one beautiful specimen after another — over a thousand species according to the brochure. Continue reading Orchids, Orchids and more Orchids

Creature of Singapore’s Botanic Gardens

I didn’t expect to spot anything beyond birds in the Botanic Gardens, but as I passed Eco Lake, there was something ominous swimming with its head above water — a lizard. Another dark outline swam closer. It was time to move on. Continue reading Creature of Singapore’s Botanic Gardens