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Kandy’s Botanic Gardens

Photo courtesy: McKaySavage from London UK – Wikimedia Commons

Kandy was a cool change from the coast. In the mountainous interior, the landscape was lush. Continue reading Kandy’s Botanic Gardens

India’s first car

On my first trip to India, there were no imported cars. It was India’s Ambassador or nothing. Taxis were Ambassadors. Private cars were Ambassadors. It was like the food, you ate curry or you didn’t eat back then. Continue reading India’s first car

Puducherry’s Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens that opened in 1826 were loaded with towering trees from kapok to tamarind trees. But the tooth ache tree caught my attention because this Indian native had been used in Ayurveda medicine. Continue reading Puducherry’s Botanic Gardens

Puducherry’s ancient fossil

I meandered through the Botanic Gardens past giant trees where my neck ached when I looked up to the highest branches. With a sign ahead that proclaimed ancient fossil, I was drawn like a magnet to metal. Continue reading Puducherry’s ancient fossil

Jade Emperor Pagoda


Not far from the Botanic Gardens stood the Jade Emperor Pagoda. While shaded by soaring trees at the entrance, the grounds were in need of a little TLC.

I entered to an over powering haze of incense before a multitude of statues in various rooms contained within the complex before I made my way back. Continue reading Jade Emperor Pagoda

Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are on the southern side of the Yarra River, before crossing into the heart of the city. In the distance, Melbourne’s highest buildings peek over the trees but the city is soon forgotten with paths weaving through giant trees. Continue reading Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens