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A -4 city hike

I headed to the Bow River while snow fell. I’d only ever walked the route by the frozen river during the warmer months. There were loads of hikers, and in spite of the below zero temperature, even a couple of crazy joggers in shorts. No thanks. I had my scarf, toque, thick jacket and winter boots. Continue reading A -4 city hike

Over the Bow to St Patrick’s Island

On a sunny summer afternoon, we hiked over the Bow River to St Patrick’s Island. The water rushed like a torrent higher up the banks of the island than usual. Wild flowers fluttered in the breeze as we made our way along the trail. Continue reading Over the Bow to St Patrick’s Island

Over Calgary

I hadn’t been up to the Calgary tower in over ten years and all I remembered was the transparent floor where people stood to take a selfie. Me, I wasn’t going to stand on that see-through floor as if I was floating on air. I didn’t need that sick feeling rushing through me from way up. Continue reading Over Calgary