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Gyeongju’s WolHeonGgyo Bridge

In 760 under King Gyeongdeok’s reigned, two bridges were constructed across Mucheon Stream in Gyeongju. When only the piers remained and after excavations, tiles and burnt wood were discovered. It was believed that the bridge was originally a tower bridge with a roof. Continue reading Gyeongju’s WolHeonGgyo Bridge

Sanjo-dori’s race to Tokyo

While I waited for the walk sign, a young guy on the opposite side chanted in a monotone. No one took any notice, and once I crossed, I didn’t either because I spied the birthplace of Ekiden. Continue reading Sanjo-dori’s race to Tokyo

By the Brisbane River

Trams used to cross the Brisbane River to enter the city. But once the old Victoria Bridge was torn down and replaced with a new one, tram lines were excluded, causing the clanking contraptions to fade from Brisbane’s landscape leaving Melbourne the only tram city in Australia. Continue reading By the Brisbane River


What is it about bridges? When I see them, there’s an urge to step across. I know I’m not the only one with this crazy notion because while hiking around Lynn Canyon Park, I met someone who had to back track just to have another chance to walk over the suspension bridge. Continue reading Bridges