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Waiotapu Scenic Reserve

About twenty minutes out of Rotorua, Waiotapu Scenic Reserve orchestrated its own particular rhythm with the sound of bursting mud. We stood on the lower platform before climbing to the higher one to capture the mud pool’s constant plopping melody. Continue reading Waiotapu Scenic Reserve

Whakarewarewa’s Walking Track

Taking to the walking trail was a break away from the many tourists who swarmed the streets and souvenir shops in the heart of the village. Continue reading Whakarewarewa’s Walking Track

Whakarewarewa’s Geothermal Uses

As soon as I passed through the entrance to Whakarewarewa Village within Rotorua, pockets of rising steam wafted the unmistakeable sulphur odour over the site. I wandered from bubbling pools where 120 degree Celsius temperatures were normal. Korotiotio (featured photo) stays at this temperature consistently. Continue reading Whakarewarewa’s Geothermal Uses

Bogor turned out to be boggy Bogor

We didn’t stay long in Indonesia’s capital. Big cities aren’t my thing. We reached Bogor, sixty kilometres away, and relief at being away from Jakarta’s congestion, washed over me.

A guide soon convinced us to visit Mt Salak the following day. Drizzling rain should have warned me, but there was something about volcanoes I couldn’t resist, Continue reading Bogor turned out to be boggy Bogor