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Mt Inwangsan’s Zen Rocks’ power

I climbed Mt Inwangsan to the Zen Rocks where a woman gestured before the boulders in prayer. This was where those who couldn’t conceive came in the hope the Zen Rocks would answer their need. Continue reading Mt Inwangsan’s Zen Rocks’ power

Seoul’s Bongeunsa Temple

While people prayed before a Buddha statue in Bongeunsa Temple, I tiptoed around until I came across lanterns. Devotees pinned a prayer to the bottom of  lanterns that swayed in the breeze in the hope their prayer would be fulfilled. Continue reading Seoul’s Bongeunsa Temple

Sarnath – a quiet corner of India

Photo courtesy: Yusuke Kawasaki — Wikimedia Commons

After the chaos of Varanasi, a rickshaw ride to Sarnath was tonic for the soul. This was where, after attaining enlightenment, Lord Buddha preached his first sermon. Continue reading Sarnath – a quiet corner of India