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Golguram Hermitage

This hermitage, not far from Gyeongju’s east coast, contained a stone-carved seated Buddha. Steps led to small caves where other statues were contained before I finally reached the four metre high Buddha. It was believed that the Silla Buddha image was carved between the 7thand 9thcentury where originally there had been twelve caves at the site. Continue reading Golguram Hermitage

Gyemyeongam Hermitage

Gyemyeongam Hermitage entrance stood across from Cheongyeonam Hermitage. I discovered after a while that the 100 metre sign wasn’t accurate, but I persisted, climbing the 500 steps until I reached the site. Continue reading Gyemyeongam Hermitage

Cheongyeonam Hermitage

I took the road deeper into the forest away from Beomeosa Temple where a sign pointed to three different hermitages. If I found Beomeosa Temple quiet, this route was dead silent. A handful of faithful knelt before shrines. A few people walked the grounds, but otherwise there was no one. Continue reading Cheongyeonam Hermitage