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Lake Tarawera’s Tuhourangi past

Lake Tawarwera was only a couple of kilometres from Buried Village and worth the trip, not only for the lush setting, but there was a clear view of notorious Mt Tarawera lurking silently on the horizon. Continue reading Lake Tarawera’s Tuhourangi past

Te Wairoa buried Village

The following day was the first rainy day of my trip. I opened the bathroom window to let out the steam from a shower and the gassy volcanic smell of Rotorua seeped in. I found myself taking deep breaths as if addicted to the fumes.

I headed to the opposite side of Mt Tarawera from the boat cruise I took the previous day. Nearby stood the village of Te Wairoa, destroyed by Mt Tarawera’s eruption in 1886. Part of the destroyed site was excavated, revealing old Maori houses (whare), bottles, plates, and other tools of the times. Continue reading Te Wairoa buried Village