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Along Sidney’s Coast

As I turned into a curve along Lockside Walkway on Vancouver Island, I spotted two playful seals off shore, but it wasn’t until I arrived at Sidney’s fish markets, that I came close to one. The seal was probably waiting for scraps from the markets as it kept popping its head out of the water. Continue reading Along Sidney’s Coast

Hiking Waimangu’s Volcanic Valley

After Wai-O-Tapu, I travelled to Waimangu Volcanic Valley, fourteen kilometres south of Rotorua. I walked four kilometres to the jetty, down the slope past volcanic craters which blew out over a century earlier.

Passing toetoe grass, tea trees and black fern trees along with hot stream, fumes rose like mist, from obscure cracks in the path, from lakes and pools. The crater-lake reflected sparkling ripples before swallowed by another rush of steam. Continue reading Hiking Waimangu’s Volcanic Valley

The tail end of the Coquitlam River at Colony Farm

I’ve walked this section of the river countless times. It’s flat with a view of the Coastal Mountains in the distance. The river’s wider and calmer with the Millennium Pedestrian Bridge spanning the river a kilometre before the stream enters the Fraser River. Continue reading The tail end of the Coquitlam River at Colony Farm