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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

I may not have seen any tooth inside Chinatown’s Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, but it didn’t matter. This was the most elaborate temple I’d stepped into in Singapore. The building was huge while inside I lost count of the number of Buddha statues that festooned the walls. Continue reading Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Melbourne’s Chinese Museum

Fortunately, the hike up Little Bourke Street into Chinatown was worth it because of the Chinese Museum. Many of the pieces on display were on loan from a local interested in Chinese history.

Because ancient Chinese believed in the after life as in ancient Egypt, jade burial suits were a relatively common discovery. Despite the extravagance, it was believed that the jade would preserve the body. Continue reading Melbourne’s Chinese Museum

At the Heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown

Vancouver’s Chinatown covered more than three square blocks. Its heart was either side of Pender East, but there were other streets where I glimpsed every kind of remedy inside Chinese herbal stores as well as grocery shops stocked a variety of Chinese vegetables. Continue reading At the Heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown

Dr Sun Yet-Sen — Classical Chinese Garden

Sen Park was free to enter, but for a fee of over $10, I entered the Classical Chinese Garden, Dr Sun Yet-Sen that included a guided tour. Continue reading Dr Sun Yet-Sen — Classical Chinese Garden

Vancouver’s Chinatown

While I headed into Chinatown, I was drawn by a sign — Shanghai Alley. This had been a Chinese district off Pender Street back in the 1880s. The buildings were replaced by modern construction except one, which appeared as if it probably belonged to that early period. Continue reading Vancouver’s Chinatown