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Have you ever smelled the cashew nut fruit?

Mafia Island Beach. Photo courtesy: Gill Penney — Wikimedia Commons

Once I flew from Dar es Salaam to Mafia Island to visit my father-in-law’s coconut plantation. Continue reading Have you ever smelled the cashew nut fruit?

Zanzibar’s Cloud of Mystery

Photo courtesy: Vincent van Zeijst — Wikimedia Commons

Stonetown’s narrow streets and carved doors were magical, but its past told another story. With the Arabs came an expansion of the ivory and slave trades. There was a grim reminder in Stonetown Square where slaves were once auctioned. Continue reading Zanzibar’s Cloud of Mystery


I bussed south from Chennai and passed walled plots of coconut plantations, pine trees, an occasional rice paddy field and gained a taste of the old India. But resorts were encroaching on this farmland to the point where some farmers had signs plastered on boundary walls, “This property isn’t for sale.” Continue reading Puducherry