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Roaming Tokyo’s famous park

I would have avoided Ueno Park after experiencing Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens but for a scene in a Japanese movie where two characters met. That scene made me want to venture into Tokyo’s famous park. Conveniently, it was right next to Ueno Station. Continue reading Roaming Tokyo’s famous park

A child’s impression of Borobudur

I thought I was clever going to Borobudur on Christmas day; after all, this was a Muslim country. I guess I hadn’t learned my lesson from the train from Bandung. Instead of no one being at the site, the Buddhist temple was over crowded. I soon realized, it was a holiday in Indonesia too. Continue reading A child’s impression of Borobudur

Sarnath – a quiet corner of India

Photo courtesy: Yusuke Kawasaki — Wikimedia Commons

After the chaos of Varanasi, a rickshaw ride to Sarnath was tonic for the soul. This was where, after attaining enlightenment, Lord Buddha preached his first sermon. Continue reading Sarnath – a quiet corner of India