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Green Gables Heritage Place

This site in PEI’s Cavendish was dedicated to Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables, one of Canada’s most famous authors. In 1911 before Lucy turned two, her mother died, and she lived with her maternal grandparents in Cavendish where she grew up. She completed a teaching degree in Charlottetown and later a literature course at Dalhousie University in Halifax while teaching. When her grandfather died, she gave up teaching and returned to Cavendish to care for her grandmother and help her run the post office.

(Featured photo: Anne of Green Gables in different languages)

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The Mi’kmaq called Halifax Harbour, Kjipuktuk—the Great Harbour. At thirty-five kilometres in length, with a width of just over three kilometres and a depth that reached seventy-six metres, the harbour was admired for centuries. In 1711 a French military engineer drew up plans to develop the site, but nothing came of his design. In less than thirty years, the British moved in realizing the location’s potential for defence.

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