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Capilano River Regional Park

North Vancouver’s Capilano Suspension Bridge is a favourite tourist location, but we headed to Capilano River Regional Park where we didn’t have to pay a hefty $40 plus fee to walk over a bridge and through the forest. Continue reading Capilano River Regional Park

A Wander through Elk Falls Provincial Park

This Vancouver Island provincial Park was not far west of Campbell River. With easy walking trails and a waterfall, I was surprised there weren’t even more people on the Sunday I visited. Continue reading A Wander through Elk Falls Provincial Park

Vancouver Island’s Cathedral Grove

Because this site was only a ten minute drive from Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park that I’d just hiked around, I decided to revisit the short loop walk through a forest of mainly douglas firs.

Continue reading Vancouver Island’s Cathedral Grove

Buntzen Lake

I took no notice of the beauty of my hometown. It wasn’t until I returned that I saw what my eyes had overlooked in the past.

Now I’ve moved country and don’t have that glazed eye attitude but sometimes I forget what’s close at hand. That’s why I returned to Buntzen Lake, a short drive from where I live. It’s tucked away in a quiet corner near the Village of Anmore surrounded by B.C.’s tall Douglas firs and cedars. Continue reading Buntzen Lake